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Become a cleaning partner

Backed by a dedicated support team, our housekeeping contractors work when they want, and as often as they like. 
Together, they’ve completed over 250,000 cleans since we started in 2015. So there’s plenty of opportunity to get earning.
Rates are £11-13 per hour (London, Brighton, Bristol & Bath). £10-12 per hour elsewhere.

Work for yourself.

Choose your own work. Tell us how often, when, and where you want to take on jobs - all through our own housekeeping app!
Want to take a week off? Or take on some extra work one week? Just let us know.


Valid ID

Bank Account


You’ll need to have the right-to-work 

as self-employed and provide us a passport, visa and/or ABN if applicable.

Payments for your cleans will be processed after 9 working days and are sent straight to your bank account.

We send you information and clean requests  via a custom-built app. The app is available  on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


‘Experienced Cleaner’ badge

Earn an extra 10% when you complete 100 cleans.

‘Super Cleaner’ badge

Earn another 10% when your cleaner rating reaches 4.80.

Support team

The Housekeeping team at Houst HQ are always available to assist.

I’m really enjoying being a housekeeper because of the flexibility. My role is self-employed on a part-time basis, so I can decide how much or little I want to work, as well as pick the days I’m available.

Liudmila - London



We get to discover new areas of the city, its hidden gems, and get inspired by the beautiful homes we visit. I have flexible hours and there’s a supportive team too.

The support team make everyone on the Housekeeping team feel valued and supported. It’s also great that hard work is rewarded through bonuses 

Eddy - Sydney, AU

Miranda - Toronto, CA

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